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Drop off your items at our Oakville shipping warehouse. Or we can pick up the package directly from your home for an additional fee.

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All packages are able to be tracked via your custom tracking number. Click here if you would like to track an existing shipment.

Shipping From Canada to The Dominican Republic

When you choose ShipToDR, you’ll be happy to know how easy our process is. You can instantly get a quote for our most popular shipping containers including boxes, food barrels, appliances and more. First, you’ll be asked to add a package to your shipment. From there, choose a destination city such as Punta Cana or Santo Domingo. At this point, you’ll be provided with an exact cost to ship your items to the Dominican Republic. The best part? We offer door-to-door delivery – you can choose to schedule a pick-up your shipment right from your door. Kick back, relax, and know that your parcel will safely arrive at its destination.

Ship Your Items To Dominican Republic!

Ship anything from boxes, to food barrels, to appliances and vehicles to most cities in the Dominican Republic. Select an item below to build your custom shipping quote.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We've shipped thousands of items safely to The Dominican Republic.


Maria C.

"My husband and I decided to relocate in the Dominican Republic from Canada. When we first made the decision, the biggest obstacle was that we wanted to move all of our possessions to Punta Cana. This ended up being the least of our worries. ShipToDR safely moved all of our furniture and belongings from Toronto to our new home in the Dominican Republic."


Isabella F.

"I try to help out my family in Santo Domingo, but over the last few years, finding a reliable shipping company was proving to be difficult. That is until we found Shiptodr. I have shipped everything from a microwave to a barrel of food and the process has always been quick and easy and the staff are always friendly."


Juan G.

"Absolutely superlative service! We export cars and motorcycles to the Dominican Republic and it seems that every other DR shipping company has an antiquated system. ShiptoDR saves my business time and money and it’s always a pleasure to deal with them."

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We ship items quickly, safely and reliably from Canada to most cities in The Dominican Republic

With ShipToDR, you can expect to have your shipment to The Dominican Republic delivered safely, reliably, and at an affordable price. We’ve made sure that shipping to the Dominican Republic has never been easier. Get an instant quote for your door-to-door Dominican Republic shipment in just 5 minutes. We provide shipping services for individuals and companies alike. So, whether you’re looking to send some gifts or food barrels to family and friends abroad, or whether you need assistance to ship your commercial goods to the Dominican Republic – we have a solution that’s right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Chances are you can find an answer below:

How do I get my package shipped to Dominican Republic?

There are three ways you can start shipping to the Dominican Republic:

  • Create a shipping order online in a few simple steps, just click here.
  • Send us an email at
  • Give us a call at 416-580-3463

No matter which method you choose, our friendly staff will contact you to confirm your order.

Do I need to drop off my shipment at your warehouse or can you arrange for pick-up?

The choice is yours! We offer door-to-door shipping to the Dominican Republic. So you can either request pick-up service from your door, or you can drop off your items at our warehouse. Feel free to package the goods at our facility to save yourself from having to carry a large box or barrel.

For pricing, click here to get an instant quote or contact us directly. Please note for larger orders we may requote you the pickup fee when the order exceeds that of a standard cargo caravan.

How can I schedule a pick-up?

If you’re placing a shipment order online, one of our staff will contact you to arrange a suitable pick-up date. If you’re placing an order over the phone or email, we’ll arrange an appropriate pick-up date at that time.

Do you sell boxes or barrels that I can use to ship my items?

Yes we do! For pricing and information, please contact us.

What kind of items can I ship to the Dominican Republic?

We ship almost anything including personal goods and effects, non-perishable food items, appliances, vehicles and more. If you’re item doesn’t fall within these categories, please contact us for more information.

Which areas of the Dominican Republic can I ship my items to?

We can ship your items anywhere in the Dominican Republic. Here are  our most popular shipping destinations:

  • Azua de Compostela
  • Bajos de Haina
  • Baní
  • Boca Chica
  • Bonao
  • La Vega
  • Constanza
  • Consuelo
  • Cotuí
  • Esperanza
  • Hato Mayor del Rey
  • Jarabacoa
  • La Romana
  • Los Alcarrizos (D.M.)
  • Mao
  • Moca
  • Nagua
  • Pedro Brand (D.M.)
  • Punta Cana
  • Salvaleón de Higüey
  • San Cristóbal
  • San Felipe de Puerto Plata
  • San Francisco de Macoris
  • San José de Ocoa
  • San Pedro de Macorís
  • Santa Cruz de Barahona
  • Santa Cruz del Seibo
  • Santiago de los Caballeros
  • Santo Domingo
  • Tamboril
  • Villa Altagracia
  • Villa Bisonó

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

Generally, packages can take 4-5 weeks from date of container departure to arrival in the Dominican Republic but there can be delays depending on weather, ports or vessel delays.  If you already have a shipment order, you can track it here.  You will also be subscribed to SMS text shipping updates if you have a Canadian phone number.

What happens if the package gets lost?

Personal Goods

In the rare case your package is lost that contains used goods, we would refund the FULL freight you paid. is not responsible for lost or damaged items in shipments with used or personal goods.

Glass or Delicate Goods

In the rare case your package is damaged that contains glass or delicate goods, we would only be responsible for the goods if we were to package the item ourselves. In this case if we package your goods and it arrives damaged then we would pay a maximum of $100 towards the replacement goods.

Responsibilities as Freight Forwarder

ShipTODR agrees to use reasonable care in selecting Carriers and customs brokers and carry out its services within a reasonable time after Goods are received for transport. ShipTODr’s responsibilities, rights and defences are governed by any law compulsorily applicable to the mode or leg of transport by which Goods are transported or handled and the Carrier’s terms of carriage. Where Goods are lost or damaged before being loaded on a truck or ship, or after being unloaded from a truck or ship, ShipTODR’s responsibility is limited to the amount of freight and expenses charged for the handling of such Goods. If the place or time of damage to or loss of Goods cannot be determined, Ship TODR’s responsibility for lost or damaged Goods is limited to the lesser of $ 4.41 per kilogram or $500 per vehicle or package.

What is prohibited to ship to the Dominican Republic using

Whats not allowed to ship?
Animal products
Animal skins
Baseball bats
Charcoal , Gas , Flammable goods
Communications equipment
Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA (Intl. Air Transport Association)
Drugs and Prescription
Cooked foods
Liquids, Haz and Non-Hazardous
Money in all formats.
Military equipment
Plant products
Prohibited goods
Radar equipment
Ship spares
Soil samples
Weapons in all forms, no toy guns, knives, hunting gear
Bank bills, notes or currency (other than coin)
Fully regulated dangerous goods
Hazardous waste or hazardous waste service
Human and animal corpses, cremated or disinterred remains
Shipments prohibited by Dominican Republic law
Marijuana, including marijuana intended for medicinal use
Postage stamps
Shark fins
Vape products

Also all other goods that are prohibited under Dominican Republic Law.

I live in the Dominican Republic, can I purchase items online in Canada and have them shipped to your warehouse to be delivered to the DR?

Yes!  We have tons of customers who choose to have a virtual Canadian Address located at our warehouse.  You can purchase furniture, appliances, household items etc ... and have them shipped to our warehouse.  We will pack and load them for departure straight to your home or business in the Dominican Republic.  Contact us now to setup a virtual Canadian address! 416.580.3463.


Do you charge for storage in the Dominican Republic if I cant receive my package?

Yes, we do charge for storage of packages that cannot be received. This policy is in place to ensure efficient and fair use of our storage facilities. Here's why we implement this charge:

Limited Storage Space: Our storage facilities have finite space, and we need to manage it effectively to accommodate packages for all our customers. Charging for storage of unclaimed packages encourages prompt retrieval or arrangement for delivery, preventing undue occupancy of our storage areas.

Operational Costs: Maintaining secure and accessible storage incurs operational costs, including security measures, climate control, and staff to manage the facility. The associated expenses are shared among all users of the storage service, and charging for unclaimed packages helps offset these costs.

Encourages Timely Action: Charging for storage serves as an incentive for customers to promptly collect or arrange delivery for their packages. This proactive approach helps streamline our operations, reduces congestion in the storage area, and ensures a smoother experience for all customers.

Storage Charges: The storage fee for unclaimed packages is $5 per day per package, depending on size. Items larger than a box of 24" x 24" x 24" will be approximately $10 per day.

Encourages Communication: If there are circumstances preventing the receipt of a package, we encourage customers to communicate with us. By engaging in a dialogue, we may be able to offer solutions or extensions on a case-by-case basis. This open communication helps us better understand the needs of our customers and work together to find suitable resolutions.

Can I ship new or used TV's to the Dominican Republic? TV Shipping Policy.

TV Shipping Policy

Replacement Policy

At, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your TVs  journey from Canada to the Dominican Republic. In the event your TV incurs damage during transit, our replacement policy is as follows:

  1. Eligibility for Replacement: If your TV arrives with physical damage (excluding dead pixels), such as cracks or breakage, you are eligible for a replacement.

  2. Replacement Criteria: The replacement will be for a TV of equivalent size, not specifications. This means the replacement TV may differ in brand, model, or other specifications but will match the screen size of the original tv.

Inspection Requirements

To maintain the integrity of our shipping process and uphold our replacement policy, we require two critical inspections:

  1. Pre-Shipping Inspection in Canada:

    • Prior to shipping, you or a employee must confirm that the TV is free from physical damage (e.g., cracks) and is fully operational.
    • This inspection ensures the TV is in good condition before beginning its transit.
  2. Post-Shipping Inspection in the Dominican Republic:

    • Upon arrival, you or a representative must inspect the TV for any transit damage.
    • This inspection confirms the condition of the TV upon completion of its journey.


Please note that dead pixels are not considered damage under this policy. If your TV arrives with dead pixels but no other physical damage, it will not be eligible for replacement under this policy.

Reporting Damage

If damage is observed during the post-shipping inspection, please report it immediately to our customer service team to initiate the replacement process.

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